APP - Torch On Membrane

APP (Atactic Polypropylene Polymer) bituminous membranes are manufactured by admixing and modifying premium grade bitumen with APP plastomeric compound. These membranes are reinforced with non-woven polyester felt or glass fibre felt which provides high tear strength and dimensional stability to the membrane. These membranes have excellent tensile strength, good resistance to atmospheric agent and low temperature flexibility which enhances the durability of the membrane. These membranes have thermo-fusible PE film finish on the lower side & plain PE film finish / Granular finish on the top surface.

Available Finishes : Plain PE Film Finish, Granular/ Mineral Finish.
Available Reinforcements : Polyester Felt, Fibre Glass Felt.
Available Thickness : 3 mm, 4 mm
Uses : Roof waterproofing
Small to large roof slabs
Plain Finish for covered roof system
Granular Finish for exposed roof system
Note : APP membranes can be used in a single layer system, as well as multi layer system depending upon the requirement.