Glasswool Insulation is one of the most widely used forms of insulations world-wide because of its thermal and acoustic properties, light weight, high tensile strength and exceptional resilience.
Glass wool consist of fine, long, inorganic fibers bonded together by high temperature binder. These fibers are distributed to trap millions of tiny pockets of air in it thereby creating it an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The light weight of Glass wool also offers significant advantages during transport and installation. The product is non corrosive to metal and does not support mold grow.
Glass wool is formed into products with various thickness and densities. It comes in the form of rolls and slabs with or without Aluminum foil Paper.

Types of facings : Aluminum Foil, Black Glass Tissue, Glass Cloth.
Product Range : Density 12 Kg/Cubic m to 100 Kg/Cubic m .
Thickness : 12mm to 100mm.
Application : Duct wrapping, underdeck insulation, cavity wall etc.