TECSOUND® is a high-density, highly visco-elastic synthetic soundproofing membrane that offers excellent levels of acoustic insulation in traditional constructions, whilst hardly affecting thickness. It is highly flexible and easily extendable, which means it can be adapted to any shape or surface, and allows to deal easily with complicated joints and layouts.
TECSOUND® stands out due to its fire resistance and meets Euroclass standard UNE-EN 13501-1:2007 with an exceptional rating: Euroclass B, s2, d0.

Product Range : Tecsound 35; Tecsound 50; Tecsound 70; Tecsound 100 (Tecsound SY, Also available in self adhesive).
Features : Low k value, high compressive strength, high density, Very low water absorption, Very good dimensional stability.
Finish Available : Aluminium Foil Finish;
Glass Veil Finish;
Bitumen Finish .
Application :
  • Airborne noise insulation in vertical surfaces of low surface mass (plasterboard, light partitions or panels of various materials).
  • Airborne noise insulation on roofs and light roofs.
  • Reduction of the level of impact noise and vibrations in all types of floors, in floating floor formation.
  • Reduction of the level of impact noise and tread noise on parquet, laminate and flooring floors.
  • Isolation of noise produced by atmospheric agents (rain, hail or wind) on light roofs (metal and wooden roofs).
  • Combined with sound absorbing materials, it gives rise to products with high acoustic performance.
  • Its applications in the industrial sector range from the soundproofing of cabins to the isolation of machine rooms, downspouts, damping of metal sheets, etc.