SBS - Self Adhesive Membrane

SBS (Styrene Butadine Styrene) based self adhesive bituminous membranes are manufactured using SBS modified premium grade bitumen. Self adhesive membranes are non-reinforced with tri-laminated / cross-laminated / non-cross laminated / polypropylene mesh / aluminium foil / film, as top finish and easily removable silcon film on the underside. These membranes are also available with geo-textile laminated as top finish for specific requirements. SBS polymer provides excellent low temperature pliability and elasticity to the membrane which makes it an excellent product for colder regions. These membranes are flexible, cold-applied; easy to handle. These membranes have excellent elasticity and self-healing property which safeguard's it against any puncture and penetration.

Available Finishes : Tri-laminated PE Film, Cross-laminated PE Film, Non-cross-laminated PE Film, Polypropylene mesh, Aluminium Foil Finish.
Available Reinforcements : Non - Reinforced.
Available Thickness : 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm
Uses : Roof waterproofing
Small to large roof slabs
Pitched roof, flat roof
Aluminium Finish for exposed roof system in metal roofs
Note : Self-adhesive membranes can be used in a single layer system, as well as multi layer system depending upon the requirement.